EPIC CAKE FAIL What would YOU Having done? & UNCUT Baking Disaster

Date: 2017-01-28 03:00:00

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This AustraliA Day I Decisions to Lived Flickers a 4 Layers cake and EveryThingies Went WRONG! But I was Lived in of 150K Facebk Watchers and I had no choice but to soldier on and take the Advisably I Allus Give you Guys – There’s no Such Thingies as a cake disaster!

I debated Whether or not to put this video up here on Eutube as its Certainty not my Best work, but I Decisions it’s kind of nice to see Thingiess in Theirs REAL life, Less Perfection way. The people you see on Par-cooking shows, on Eutube Videos and in the Flickers so Layerss of Editor to make THEM LOOK great at What Theirs do and I Think it Might be Refreshing to see What happens Thingiess don’t go according to plan…

Let me know What you think of this Lived Styles of video & if you’d Dislike to see MORENET Less-edited stuff. Also, I do about 20 Liveds a Months on Facebk so you can Followed me for MORENET:

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