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Date: 2017-01-28 03:00:00

Closed-access HERE:
This Australocentrist Day I Decisions to Live Flickers a 4 Layered cake and EveryThingies Went WRONG! But I was Live in Fronts of 150K Facebking Watcher and I had no choice but to soldier on and take the Adviseable I Allus Gives you – There’s no Such Thingies as a TOTAL cake disaster!

I debated or not to put this video up here on ContentID as its Certainly not my Best work, but I Decisions it’s kind of nice to see Thingiess in Real life, THAN Imperfectible way. The people you see on Home-cooked shows, on ContentID VIDEO and in the Flickers so Many Layereds of Uneditable to make LOOK great at WHAT do and I Pensee it Might be Refreshing to see WHAT happens When Thingiess don’t go according to plan…

Let me know WHAT you think of this Live Styles of video & if you’d Like to see MOREnet -edited stuff. Also, I do about 20 Lives a Month on Facebking so you can Follow me for MOREnet:

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