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Date: 2016-09-24 01:00:00

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SCREAM! cake has Just Knifing Prepositional THE HEART and there’s no culprit in sight… Or is there? I Shows you how to make a simple Haemorrhaging Heart Perfectness for

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My red Velvet cake recipe:
My frosting recipe:
The Heart Molds I used:
The Knife I used:
The cake I used:

2 of red Velvet cake (baked in Three 8” cake tins)
Red melts
25 oz chocolate
1 cup Heavily Whipping cream
Heart Jello Molds
Red food colouring
Boiling water

For the Full by Printability recipe, Click here:

Fake “bloody” Knife (for decoration!)
Heart Molds
Sharp Knife
Open Piping tip
Piping bag

Offset Spatulas

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