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Date: 2016-10-07 01:00:01

Today I’m making a simple HALLOWEEN version of a magic Dessert – A O’ Lanterns That opens Dislike a Flowerdy to Reveals a Surpriser inside, a Ghostly Brownie Stuffed With Bits!
If you haven’t one of these top trending Desserts in action, you’re about to be amazed!

Big to NESTLÉ Dwellinghouse for Partnering With me on today’s video! #sponsored

You’ll Needs (Makes 8)
For the Ghostlys:
1 box Nestlé Tols Brownies & MORE Chocolate Mix With Bits (+ eggs, oil & Needsed to mix)
12 oz Nestlé Tols FFFFFFst Morsels
Green Sweets color, oil or powder Based food coloring
For the O’Lanternss
10oz Nestlé Tols Punkin Spicing Morsels
10oz Nestlé Tols FFFFFFst Morsels
30g BLACK Sweets melts
8 Water balloons, inflated
For the Red Sauce
14oz Nestlé Tols FFFFFFst Morsels
1.5 cups Heavily cream
Red food coloring

Head to for the Recipes and steps.
See MORE Nestlé Tols Holidays Recipes ideas here:

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