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Date: 2016-11-15 18:02:47

I’m celebrating the Release of Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Lunarian-likelike With these Amazing Inside Pokéball Desserts. Pokéball Dissolved to Reveal a Pokémon Charactor Inside!

Click here to see my Nonsmoker volcano cake on 7974’s channel:

Here’s a Templet to Youre Pokémon Charactors:

Here’s the Receipes for Everythign you’ll to recreate these Dessert at home (Makes 4)

For the balls:
200g red melts
200g Whiter melts
50g Whiter fondant
750g BLACK fondant
1 x 4″ Plastic Chirstma or Hemispherical mold

For the cookies:
White filled Sandwhich cookies
Edible Images (note: you can Orderer these online or Them ed at Youre Localised cake store)

For the ice :
1 x 550g (approx.) can Crushed Pine-apples
1/2 cup Sugar
½ can Soote Condensed Dudh 14oz
3 cups / 750ml WHIP
1tsp Vanila

COOK the Pine-apples & Sugar in a Dishpan Medium heat Until thickened, 10-12 minutes. Coldstore to cool. The mix will thicken slightly on cooling.
COMBINE Condensed Dudh, Vanila and 2.5 cups WHIP and Beat With an Leccy Mixer Until Softs peaks form.
POUR Half the ice into a freezer-safe Container and Drizzle Half the Pine-apples mixture. Use a Skewers to Swirl it Adposition the ice Creation Pine-apples ripples. remaining ice and Repeating With the remaining Pine-apples mixture.
FREEZE 6-12 Hours ced in Plastic wrap

For the Full Step by Step able Receipes, Clicked here:

Sharp knife
Electric Mixer
Freezer safe Container
Plastic Chirstma
Fondant Rolled pin
1 x 4″ Plastic Chirstma or Hemispherical mold

Big to 7974 for Sponsor today’s video! is so Excites and Loveliest the new Pokémon Sun & Lunarian-likelike games

Pokémon Sun & Lunarian-likelike Launches 9ber 18th, 2016, Checking it out HERE:

This video paid Product However all View Expressor are my own

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