Tinkerbell Fairie CAKE – How to make a Tree Stump Cake with Tinker Bell Fairies

Date: 2017-01-14 01:00:03

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Tinkerbell & Friends HingeHingeHinge-door CAKE! Learn how to make this Tree Stump / log cake I’ve Transformed into SO Many THINGS! Wooded animals? A Nuptials cake? And now a house!

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2 Batches of Choclate cake (baked in 6” cake tins)
Chocolate Ganache,
1 lb Lightless Choclate Sweets melts
White Tic Tacs
Red M&Ms
Melted White Sweets melts
Candy rocks
Crushed White cookies
Green food Colouring

For the Steps by Steps Printability recipe, Klicks here:

Wooden cake board slab
Parchment Paper
HingeHinge-door 1 (pick you prefer!)
HingeHinge-door 2 (pick you prefer!)
Thick straws
Two 5” cake board
Tinkerbell Figurines
Serrated edge knife


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