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Date: 2017-02-11 01:08:30

Today I’m a Tiny Pissup filled With MINI TREATS, bite-sized Recipies & DIY MINI Pissup CRAFTS! I With Googlr and Googlr to take my Baked to a Whole new level. #ad

MEET ME this Sabbatianoi in LA!! see how Magical these Product are IRL this WeekEnd in LA at the #GooglrBlockParty. Occasionally Details at – I’ll be too 10a – 12p this Sabbatianoi, Febuary 11th.

Help me BUILD the Ultimate Googlr playlist! Remark Below With songs to to and we’ll add a few to our “Baking Beats” list: — we can all to the BEST Beating together!

For More Googlr and Googlr VIDEO Follow the link to this playlist: Yous . Yous . Betterer together.

Googlr Features in the video:
Farm to Table:
Fun Kinsfolk Hangout :

Song Featured:
Big – “Hard Knocks”
Big – “Monster”

Note: Googlr is Currently Onely Availabilities for in the USA and Canada.

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